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January 6, 2012

1962 Yankees Hitting Stars

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When you have a stacked lineup, it’s hard to pick just three hitting stars.  Oddly, like in 1961, Maris led the team in home runs and RBIs but Mantle was by far the more superior hitter.  The voters recognized this and he was given a third MVP award and he also won his first and only Gold Glove.  He finished with a league leading 1.091 OPS and he had 30 home runs and 89 RBIs.  He did miss quite a bit of time though and he only played in 123 games.

Roger Maris was more durable and he led the team with 33 home runs and 100 RBIs.  He hit only .256 though but he was still good for an OPS of .840 which was second best to Mantle.

Bobbie Richardson led the team with 209 hits and 99 runs and he hit .302.  He only stole eleven bases but the team had just 42 which oddly was seventh best in the AL.

December 3, 2011

A Look at the Yankees’ Future – 2012 MLB Season

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While taking a look at Yankees’ past, prepare to see Yankees’ future by locking down your own New York Yankees 2012 MLB tickets. It has now been 50 years since the start of the 1962 season, and the Yankees are still planning to dominate just as they did in the past! The 2012 MLB schedule is up, so you can take a look at when the big rival series will be, such as the Yankees vs. Red Sox. Here are a few series standouts for the 2012 Yankees season:

>> Red Sox @ Yankees | July 27 – 29 | August 17 – 19 | October 1 – 3

>> Mets @ Yankees | June 8 – 10

>> Tigers @ Yankees | April 27 – 29

>> Orioles @ Yankees | April 30 – May 2 | July 30 – August 1 | August 31 – September 2

The Yankees future looks bright, so make sure you watch what happens this upcoming MLB season.

November 14, 2011

1962 Yankees Intro

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The 1961 Yankees had their share of successes and it was truly a historic season.  What’s been lost a lot of times is this team went on to repeat as champions in 1962 which largely the same team.  That’s why our next look is going to be on this historic team.

Similar to 1961, the 1962 Yankees played a tight race in the first half before catching fire in the second half and running away with it.  On June 22, they were four games back and in fourth place but by July 31 they were in first with a six game lead.  They took over first place right before the All Star Game and never yielded it.

All the usual players were there.  Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris were the two best hitters but there was plenty of support.  Tom Tresh was a newcomer that gave the team an offensive boost and he went on to have a solid career for the Yankees.  Mickey Mantle was the best hitter in baseball and he won his third MVP award that year.

On the pitching side, Ralph Terry was the ace but right behind him was White Ford.  Bill Stafford was the other egular in the rotation but after that it was kind of a mish mash.  Marshall Bridges was the team’s top reliever and of course the infamous Jim Bouton made his debut that season and put up decent numbers.

October 17, 2011

Yankees Take Care of Reds in 1961 World Series

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With the differences between these two teams, it was almost like the World Series was a formality.  The Yankees took care of the Reds 4-1 and there really wasn’t much doubt who the better team was.  Game two involved a two hit shutout by Whitey Ford and while the Reds tied it up in Game 2, some of that almost had to do with the three errors the Reds made as much as it was the Reds just beating the Yankees.

Game three was at close and the Yankees had to come back from one run deficits on two different occasions.  Game four involved a combined shutout between Whitey Ford and Jim Coates.  Ford pitched the first five and the Coates was probably even better with four innings of shutout relief.

Game five was a blowout.  The Yankees scored five in the first and then never looked back.  The Reds actually gave them a little bit of a scare when they scored three in the third but the Yankees got the scoring going again and finished out the series.

Roger Maris never could get on track.  He hit just .105 in the series but his home run in the top of the ninth in game three proved to be the game winner.

September 30, 2011

Yankees Finish Regular Season at 109-53

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Keep in mind, 1961 was the first season teams went 162 games.  With that, 109 was still an impressive number and the Yankees won three straight to close out the game to win.  They finished eight games ahead of a tough luck Tigers team that won 101 games that year.

Mickey Mantle led the team with a 1.135 OPS.  Most of his extra base hits were home runs but he also hit .317 and had 126 walks.  In another year, he would have picked up a fourth MVP.  That went to Roger Maris though, who finished with 61 home runs 141 RBIs on the season.  Elston Howard was the third best hitter with a .936 OPS and Bill Skowron was third best in home runs with 28.

Whitey Ford finished 25-4 with a 3.21 ERA with 209 strikeouts in 283 innings.  Bill Stafford (team best 2.68 ERA) and Ralph Terry (16-3, 3.15 ERA) also had nice seasons.  Luis Arroyo was the primary reliver.  He pitched in 65 games, finished 54, had 29 saves and he threw 119 innings.  What was impressive about Arroyo was that he really only had that one good season.  He also finished 15-5 and he only had 40 wins in his career.  He did make the All Star game as a rookie in 1955 but his finishing numbers weren’t that great.

The Yankees would go on to face the Reds.  We’ll cover the World Series next time.  It would have been great to have had Yankees playoff tickets that year though.

August 29, 2011

Yankees Hold Ground In August

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The 1961 Yankees went 22-9 in the month of August.  They had a slightly better percentage in September but that was the most total wins they had for the month in an entire season.  At the beginning of August, they were up by a game and a half.  At the end of August, despite that great record, the Yankees sat just a game and a half ahead of the second place Detroit Tigers because they went 22-9 as well.

August was when we began to see Roger Maris begin to wear down.  His OPS for the month was below 1.000 for the first time at .945 and he hit just .243.  He did hit eleven home runs though and that put him at 51 on the season.  He hit number 50 on August 22 against Angels hurler Ken McBride.  Mickey Mantle continued to rake as well although he began to fall behing Maris in the home run race in August.  He finished the month with nine home runs and a .306 average and that put him at 48 on the season.

On August 15, Whitey Ford finally lost a decision.  That ended his winning at fourteen.  He won his 20th on August 10th and at month’s end, he sat an impressive 22-3.

September would be when the Yankees finally pulled away but that’s for another month.  Plus you had the exciting march toward 60 home runs by Roger Maris.  It was truly a historic month for the Yankees.

July 26, 2011

Yankees Finish July In First Place

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After switching spots with the Tigers on and off throughout July, the Yankees took over first place for good on July 25.  It’s hard to believe this team got better throughout the year but they finished the month with a 20-9 record.  Despite a pair of losses to the Orioles in their final doubleheader, the Yankees sat with a game and a half lead.  It was only the second time in the month that they lost back to back games.

Roger Maris had his best month of the season. He belted 13 home runs but he hit .330 with a .403 OBP and a .755 slugging.  His 35 hits that month were the best of the season.  He didn’t hit a home run in the final five games of the month but he had back to back games where he hit a pair of home runs in each of those two games prior to the drought.  Not to be outdone, Mickey Mantle also had his best month of the season with a 1.362 OPS.  His fourteen home runs put him at 38 on the season.

On the pitching side, Whitey Ford continued his run.  He went 5-0 in July with a 3.43 ERA and he extended his winning streak to 13 games.  He actually got rocked on July 21 and he gave up seven runs in less then five innings but the Yankees scored eight and he salvaged a no-decision.  He also gave up a run in three innings in the first All Star Game then he had the night off in the second one.

It’s hard to believe that 20-9 was the third best month for the Yankees at least on a winning percentage basis but that’s how good this team finished.  Man it would have been cool to have Yankees tickets in these final two months of the season to see Roger Maris make history.

June 28, 2011

Awesome June

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After a couple of mediocre months, the Yankees broke out in June and finished with a 22-10 record.  It wasn’t their best month of the season, but it was the month that kept them in the mix.  They still had taken over first place but they sat just two games back of the first place Tigers.  Of course after June they finished with an incredible 64-26 record (that’s .711).

Roger Maris had his best month home run wise.  He belted 15 in June and he drove in 35 runs.  Just as impressive, he finished the month with 18 walks and nine strikeouts.  He went into the July with 27 home runs.  Mickey Mantle continued to rake and he had 25 long balls.  Eleven of those came in June and that was his second best home run total of the season.

Whitey Ford won all eight of his starts in June.  His ERA was oddly consistent had he started the month with a 3.24 mark and finished with a 3.10.  The eight straight wins are really what caught my eye.

Man it would have been great to have Yankees Tickets back around this time.  What a season.

May 31, 2011

Yankees Continue to Struggle in May

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I know 14-12 isn’t horrible, but playing above .500 ball for a team that eventually won 109 games is interesting.  That was the 1961 Yankees record in the month of May and when you put it together with their okay April, they sat 23-17.  That was good for third place in the American League behind the first place Tigers and the second place Indians.

After a horrible April, Roger Maris began to heat up.  He belted 11 home runs in the month of May to put him at 12 on the season.  His 1.032 OPS was solid but to put in perspective, this was Maris’ third best month OPS wise.  One thing that was interesting was Maris’ batting average on balls in play.  His season total was just .209 and in May it was .194.

Mickey Mantle continued to rake.  He had just seven home runs but he hit .313 and had an OPS of 1.069 for the month.  Mantle was the exact opposite and he had a batting average on balls in play of .310.

Whitey Ford continued to pitch well.  He went 3-1 in May and while his strikeout numbers weren’t great, he had a 3.27 ERA and a .587 OPS against.  He lost his last start of the month on May 29 but he then went on to win 14 straight.

June was also when the Yankees began to heat up so stay tuned.

April 30, 2011

Yankees End April With Doubleheader Split

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The Yankees split their two game set with the Senators on the final day of April to finish the month 9-5.  Not anything to write home about for a team that won 109 games but they had a three game losing streak in there.  They did finish strong with four wins in their last five games and they sat just a game behind the first place Tigers.

April was a slow month for Roger Maris.  He hit just one home run in those 14 games and that wasn’t until April 26.  He finished the month hitting just .204 and a .614 OPS.  Mantle on the other hand, came out of the gate like gangbusters.  In the fourth game for the Yankees, he hit a pair of home runs and drove in five and then he has his second multi-homer game on April 26.  He finished the month with seven home runs and a 1.208 OPS.

Even Whitey Ford got off to a rocky start.  He lost his first start with a rough outing against the Twins, then pitched back to back complete games.  Then on April 26, he was shelled for ten runs (six earned) in a game that saw the hitting pick him up in a 13-11 win over the Tigers.  He finished strong though with a solid start against the Senators.  Overall, he finished 3-1 with a 3.19 ERA.

Man it would have been great to have had Yankees tickets back then.  To see a team like this with such history behind it would have been very cool.

March 28, 2011

1961 Yankees Diary Coming Soon

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The home opener for the 1961 Yankees was April 11 so be sure to check back to this site on that day.  Just in looking at the schedule, it’s interesting that the Yankees had three doubleheaders in the month of April.  You don’t see that much anymore.  Just a quick note, the 1961 Yankees started out a mediocre 16-14.  At that point, they were in fourth place and were five games back of the first place Tigers.  After that point, they went 93-39 (that’s .705).  Talk about a run.

Does anyone know how much Yankees tickets cost back in 1961.  I’m always curious.

February 24, 2011

1961 Yankees Into – Pitching

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The 1961 had it’s share of mashers but the pitching staff was just as good.  Overall, the Yankees finished second in the AL in ERA (3.46) and were in the top half of just about every pitching category.  Whitey Ford was the ace and the Hall of Famer had one of his best seasons that year.  He won the Cy Young and he led the league in wins (25) and innings pitched (283) and he had a career high 209 strikeouts.

After that, Ford had a solid supporting cast but no real standouts.  Bill Stafford pitched 195 innings and he led the rotation with a solid 2.68 ERA.  Ralph Terry went 16-3 over 188 1/3 innings and even Jim Coates, who pitched mostly out of the pen gave the team 141 1/3 quality innings.  The Yankees even employed a closer with Luis Arroyo finishing 54 games.  He led the league that year with 29 saves and his 15 wins were sixth best in the American League.  The next closest AL pitcher in saves was Hoyt Wilhelm with 18.

January 30, 2011

1961 Yankees Intro

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After 1923, Yankees fans weren’t too used to World Series droughts but that’s what they had to go through in the last 1950s into 1960.  The Yankees won in 1958, went to the World Series and lost to the Pirates in 1960 so heading into 1961, they hadn’t won in three years.  Not a long drought, but the last time they had a longer drought was leading into the 1947 season when they hadn’t won (or played in) a World Series since 1943.

Roger Maris won the MVP in 1960 and while nobody would see his 61 home run season coming, he hit a respectable 39 home runs and the led the AL in RBIs with 112.  Ironically, he finished 1960 with an OPS+ of 161 and in his historic 1961 season, it was only 167.  A good season, but it goes to show you how much offense was up that year.

Yogi Berra was near the end of his career and he was used primarily as an outfielder.  Even he hit 22 home runs 119 games  Mickey Mantle was coming off another outstanding season but he finished second in the MVP voting just behind Maris.    Throw in Moose Skowron and Elston Howard and you had some nice mashers on this team.

Next time, we’ll take a look at the pitching heading into the season.

December 26, 2010

1961 Yankees Diary Coming Soon

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I had grand ambitions for this site and while I finished the 1977 Yankees, that’s about all I was able to accomplish after a few fits and restarts.  Still, I’m excited about getting things going and what a better way to kick of the restart of the site with the 1961 Yankees diary.

Talk about a ton of stories.  You had the M&M boys and Roger Maris’ eventual 61 home runs.  You also had the great pennant race with the Tigers who also won 100 games.  I’m hopeful to put together a few bios leading into the season but I don’t want to make any promises.

There were plenty of choices here.  Both 1941 and 1951 were World Series teams and 1921, while that ended up in a loss to the Giants, was the Yankees first World Series.  For now I’m going to stick with one though because I’ve gotten into trouble about overcomitting in the past.

July 9, 2008

Yankees Head Into All Star Break On Losing Note

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July 9, 1978 at County Stadium
Brewers 8, Yankees 4  (47-37)

The Yankees limped into the All Star Break with their fifth loss in six games after a three game sweep at the hands of the Brewers.  Don Gullett was pummelled and he didn’t even last through the first inning.  He gave up four runs on three hits and four walks in 2/3 of an innning.

Mickey Rivers had a nice day at the plate in an ugly loss.  He went two for five with a homerun, two runs and two RBIs.

It’s like the second coming of Reggie Jackson with my new demarini bat.  I hit two out of the park the other night.  Baseball Rampage is a great one stop source for everything related to baseball and I also picked up my kid a Nokona glove.

July 8, 2008

Yankees Continue Skid In Late Inning Loss to Brewers

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July 8, 1978 at County Stadium
Brewers 6, Yankees 5  (47-36)

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The Yankees yielded a late inning lead and the result was their fourth loss in five games.  Up 5-4, Goose Gossage gave up two runs in the bottom of the eighth as he fell to 4-8.  It was his fourth inning of relief and all three runs he gave up came on a pair of homers by Larry Hisle.

Lou Piniella was the hitting star in the loss.  He went three for four with a double, two RBIs and a run.  Cliff Johnson pitched in with a solo homer, his fourth of the season.

July 7, 2008

Ron Guidry Loses First Decision

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July 7, 1978 at County Stadium
Brewers 6, Yankees 0  (47-35)

You can win them all.  Ron Guidry suffered his first defeat of the season in a mediocre start.  He fell to 13-1 and he gave up five runs on eight hits and one walk with three strikeouts in six innings. 

It didn’t help that the Yankees were held to just four hits in the shutout loss.  Bucky Dent had two of the four with a pair of singles.

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July 6, 2008

Dick Tidrow Shuts Down Rangers In Yankees Win

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July 6, 1978 at Arlington Stadium
Yankees 7, Ranges 2  (47-34)

Dick Tidrow helped the Yankees end their two game skid with a solid outing that gave the pen a rest.  He gave up two runs on eight hits and four walks with four strikeouts in the complete game and the win pushed his record to 4-6 on the season.

Roy White tripled, drove in two and scored two in the win.  Reggie Jackson went two for four with a double and a run.

July 5, 2008

Thurman Munson Has Three Hits In Yankees Loss to Rangers

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July 5, 1978 at Arlington Stadium
Rangers 3, Yankees 2  (46-34)

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The Rangers handed the Yankees their second straight loss as a solid start by Don Gullett went to waste.  He gave up three runs on eight hits with three strikeouts in seven innings and the loss pushed his record down to 4-1.

Thurman Munson provided most of the offense for the Yankees in the loss.  He went three for four and he drove in one of the Yankees two runs.

July 3, 2008

First Place Red Sox Too Much For Yankees

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July 3, 1978 at Fenway Park
Red Sox 9, Yankees 5  (45-34)

The Yankees went up against the first place Red Sox but unfortunately they began with a whimper.  Ed Figueroa gave up the bulk of the damage and he gave up six runs (five earned) on seven hits and four walks in 3 2/3 innings.

Graig Nettles and Gary Thomasson were the hitting stars in the this one.  Nettles went three for five with a double, a homerun and two runs.  Thomasson went three for four with a double, a homerun and two runs.  Bucky Dent pitched in with a two run, pinch hit homerun in the eighth inning.

July 2, 2008

Yankees Sweep Doubleheader Over Tigers, Ron Guidry Improves to 13-0 In Opener

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July 2, 1978 at Yankee Stadium
Yankees 3, Tigers 2  (44-33)

The Yankees edged the Tigers in the first game of their Sunday doubleheader in a game that saw Ron Guidry improve to a perfect 13-0  He gave up two runs on six hits and two walks with six strikeouts in eight innings.  Goose Gossage threw a perfect ninth and he picked up his twelth save of the season.

Thurman Munson was three for four with a double.  Thomasson continued his impressive hitting and he went two for three with a double and a run.

July 2, 1978 at Yankee Stadium
Yankees 5, Tigers 3  (45-33)

It was a perfect Sunday as the Yankees finished their doubleheader sweep over the Tigers behind a pair of homeruns.  Graig Nettles went yard with a three run blast in the third inning and then Gary Thomasson hit the game winner with a two run walk off homer in the ninth.  Reggie Jackson also had a solid game with a single, a walk and a run.

Dave Rajsich got the start and he gave up two runs on seven hits and three walks with four strikeouts in 4 2/3 innings.  Sparky Lyle cruised through most of his 3 1/3 innings of relief before he gave up a run in the ninth with some help from Goose Gossage.  Speaking of Gossage, he let the inherited runner tie the game but he did pick up the win to improve to 4-7 because he didn’t allow either of his two baserunners to score.

July 1, 2008

Yankees Kick Off Month of July With Loss to Tigers

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July 1, 1978 at Yankee Stadium
Tigers 8, Yankees 4  (43-33)

Andy Messersmith and Ken Clay were roughed up as the Tigers doubled up the Yankees in front of big crowd.  Messersmith dropped to 0-3 and he gave up three runs in 1 1/3 innings when Clay took over and replicated Messersmith’s efforts.  Dick Tidrow was also knocked around and while he gave up just two runs, he yielded seven hits and a walk in four innings of relief.

Gary Thomasson provided the bulk of the Yankees offense in the loss.  He went two for four with a three run homer and two runs scored.  Jay Johnstone went two for three with an RBI.

June 30, 2008

Reggie Jackson Drives In Five In Yankees Win Over Tigers

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June 30, 1978 at Yankee Stadium
Yankees 10, Tigers 2  (43-32)

The Yankees got out of Milwaukee and picked up a win as they decimated the Tigers in front of a home crowd.  Reggie Jackson had a monster day at the plate.  He went three for five with his thirteenth homer and five RBIs.  Lou Piniella went three for four with three runs and an RBI.

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Don Gullett improved to 4-0 with a complete game win.  He gave up two runs on ten hits and two walks with four strikeouts.

June 29, 2008

Bob Turley, Yankees Pen Roughed Up In Loss to Athletics

by @ 4:48 pm. Filed under 1958 Yankees, 1958 Yankees Diary - June, Art Ditmar, Bob Turley, Mickey Mantle, Moose Skowron

June 29, 1958 at Municipal Stadium
Athletics 12, Yankees 6  (43-23)

Bob Turley and the bullpen were knocked around as the Yankees failed to sweep the Athletics on the road.  Turley gave up three runs in 3 2/3 innings and it was Art Ditmar who took the loss.  He fell to 2-1 and he gave up two runs in his one inning of relief.

Mickey Mantle belted his fourteenth homerun of the season in the loss.  Moose Skowron went one for three with two walks and two runs.

June 28, 2008

Yankees Swept In Doubleheader With Brewers

by @ 5:14 pm. Filed under 1978 Yankees, 1978 Yankees Diary - June, Chris Chambliss, Dick Tidrow, Fred Stanley, Ken Clay, Larry McCall, Roy White

June 28, 1978 at County Stadium
Brewers 5, Yankees 0  (42-31)

The Yankees were held to just six hits in a shutout loss to the Brewers in the first game of their doubleheader.  Roy White had three of those hits and Fred Stanley went two for three with a double.

Dick Tidrow fell to 3-6 with a rough start.  He gave up five runs (four earned) on eight hits and two walks with three strikeouts in 6 2/3 innings.

June 28, 1978 at County Stadium
Brewers 7, Yankees 2  (42-32)

Game two of the Yankees doubleheader with the Brewers went no better as they suffered a sweep in Milwaukee.  Larry McCall got the start and while he was decent, he wasn’t nearly good enough.  He gave up four runs on seven hits and a walk with four strikeouts in what was his first of two major league starts in his career.  Ken Clay was tagged for three runs in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Chris Chambliss singled twice and drove in a pair.  Fred Stanley was the only other Yankee to reach base twice with a single and a walk.

Whitey Ford Wins 100th Game With Three Hit Shutout

by @ 4:47 pm. Filed under 1958 Yankees, 1958 Yankees Diary - June, Andy Carey, Norm Siebern, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra

June 28, 1958 at Municipal Stadium
Yankees 8, Athletics 0  (43-22)

White Ford threw a three hit shutout and the Yankees piled on eight runs as the Yankees picked up their fourth straight win.  Ford improved to 9-3 and he gave up just two walks and he struck out eight.  It was Ford’s 100th career win.

Yogi Berra led the way at the plate. He went two for four with a homerun and three RBIs.  Norm Siebern and Andy Carey also left the park in the win.

June 27, 2008

Graig Nettles Homers Yankees to Win Over Sox

by @ 5:13 pm. Filed under 1978 Yankees, 1978 Yankees Diary - June, Goose Gossage, Graig Nettles, Ron Guidry, Sparky Lyle, Thurman Munson

June 27, 1978 at Yankee Stadium
Yankees 6, Red Sox 4  (42-30)

It took fourteen innings but the Yankees evened up their series with the first place Red Sox.  Graig Nettles blasted a huge walk off homer to win and Thurman Munson was three for six with a double, two runs and an RBI.

Ron Guidry looked mortal but he stayed undefeated because of some help from the offense.  He gave up four runs on eight hits and three walks with six strikeouts in six innings.  Goose Gossage threw five shutout innings and Sparky Lyle threw three shutout frames and he improved to 6-1.

Yogi Berra Helps Hit Yankees To Blowout Win Over Athletics

by @ 4:43 pm. Filed under 1958 Yankees, 1958 Yankees Diary - June, Art Ditmar, Duke Maas, Gil McDougald, Yogi Berra, Zach Monroe

June 27, 1958 at Municipal Stadium
Yankees 10, Athletics 3  (42-22)

The Yankees made it three straight wins in a 10-3 blowout in the Yankees opener against the Athletics.  Gil McDougald went two for five with a double, three RBIs and a run.  Yogi Berra went three for four with a triple, a walk, two RBIs and three runs.

Duke Maas didn’t last long in this one and he was shelled for three runs in two innings.  The pen picked him up through and Zach Monroe and Art Ditmar combined to throw seven innings of shutout relief.  Ditmar picked up the win and he improved to 2-0 on the season.

June 26, 2008

Yankees Shut Down In Series Opener With Red Sox

by @ 5:11 pm. Filed under 1978 Yankees, 1978 Yankees Diary - June, Andy Messersmith, Chris Chambliss, Fred Stanley

June 26, 1978 at Yankee Stadium
Red Sox 4, Yankees 1  (41-30)

The Yankees lost round one of a big series with the first place Red Sox in a game where they were held to just a single run.  Chris Chambliss went two for two with a walk and an RBI while Fred Stanley singled twice in three at bats.

Andy Messersmith was solid but he took the loss and he fell to 0-2.  He gave up three runs (one earned) on six hits and four walks with six strikeouts in 6 1/3 innings.

Moose Skowron Drives In A Pair, Yankees Edge White Sox

by @ 4:42 pm. Filed under 1958 Yankees, 1958 Yankees Diary - June, Art Ditmar, Johnny Kucks, Moose Skowron, Norm Siebern

June 26, 1958 at Comiskey Park
Yankees 4, White Sox 3  (41-22)

The Yankees won what turned out to be their rubber game with the White Sox in a close contest.  Moose Skowron singled and he drove in two runs in the Yankees three run sixth inning and Norm Siebern went yard with what turned out to be the game winner, a solo homer in the seventh inning.

Johnny Kucks improved to 6-3 with a solid start.  He gave up three runs on seven hits and three walks in 6 1/3 innings.  Art Ditmar didn’t allow a baserunner in 1 2/3 shutout innings and he picked up his first save of the season.

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