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November 25, 2006

Joe DiMaggio’s Birthday

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Ninety two years ago, the late, great Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio was born.  Man we could use a guy like DiMaggio, with a career OPS+ of 155, right now. 

November 24, 2006

About Yankees History

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No MLB team has as rich of a history as the New York Yankees.  Several of the best players to lace up a pair of spikes have played for the Yankees and the team has won a record 26 World Series and they’ve won 39 pennants.  So when I took the task of writing about the team for Baseball Historians, I knew it was going to be a tall task.  One of the highlights of the Baseball Historians site are the championship diaries.  Brian at Tigerblog started this with the 1984 Tigers a couple of years back and since then, we’ve seen championship seasons for the Reds, White Sox and Cardinals chronicled as well.

So when I got to talking with Brian about what Yankees season I’d be doing this year, I couldn’t decide.  The obvious choice would be 1927, the greatest baseball team ever.  1977 was also interesting because it was one a lot of people might have remembered.  And then there’s 1937 (one of Joe DiMaggio’s finest seasons) and 1947 (also DiMaggio).  I couldn’t decide, so the obvious choise was, why not try to do them all.

And that’s what this website is for.  Leading up to the 2007, I’m going to do season bio’s for some of the major players on each of these four teams and then beginning in April, 2007, you’ll be able to follow all four of these teams, day by day, up to their World Series wins.

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